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Contact Us(GeneralHits Nigeria)
Definitely we know that you might love to speak with the Editor about a particular purpose, that’s why we created this page.

Welcome to the Official GeneralHits Nigeria Contact Page, a page created to help Nigerians reach the blog Editor.

What can we help you to do?

If you want to speak with us, Invite us for an interview, meeting, Video Collaboration or you might want to enquire for our advert rates and advert placements, or you want to get yourself featured on Generalhits Nigeria so that Nigerians around the world can hear what you have to say or any other thing you wish to enquire about.

Please you can use the contact form below and we would get back to you as soon as we get your contact message.

More or Less, you can still contact us using the following platforms.

Telephone: 07031631310

Thanks for visiting our contact page, we’re hoping to hear from you, so just use the comment box and as soon as we here you, then we would get back to you shortly.
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